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SmartTrace+ is a prototype crowdsourced trajectory similarity search framework, which enables the execution of queries in the form: "Report the users that move more similar to Q, where Q is some query trace". The notion of similarity captures the trajectories that differ only slightly, in the whole sequence, from the query Q. SmartTrace+ enables the execution of such queries in both outdoor environments (using GPS) and indoor environments (using WiFi RSS), without disclosing the traces of participating users to the querying node.

Our framework can be utilized in large-scale urban and transit planning applications, which would otherwise be limited by data disclosure constraints, social networking applications for smartphones, habitant monitoring systems, etc.



Demetrios Zeinalipour-Yazti
(Univ. of Cyprus, Cyprus)


Christos Laoudias
(Univ. of Cyprus, Cyprus)


Constantinos Costa
(Univ. of Cyprus, Cyprus)


Michalis Vlachos

(IBM Research Labs, Switzerland)


Maria Andreou

(Open Univ. of Cyprus, Cyprus)


Dimitrios Gunopulos

(Univ. of Athens, Greece)